Juneteenth Statement

On this Juneteenth, the holiday that celebrates the end of American chattel slavery, Struggle for a New World stands with the oppressed Afro-American nation in their continued struggle for freedom. The US Empire was built using the stolen labor of African slaves, and to this day the foundations of this country rest on the backs of the oppressed Afro-American nation formed through the processes of slavery and Reconstruction. Following the failure of reconstruction, the Republican Party abandoned its radical left wing in favor of defending US imperialism against all oppressed peoples who stood in their way.

Thus, while the Republican Party and the US Empire of which it is part may hypocritically celebrate the Emancipation Proclamation, Juneteenth stands for the history from below of the Afro-American people, who still struggle for freedom from the powers that enslaved and continue to oppress them to this day. The national liberation struggle of the Afro-American people remains an unfinished revolution on the lands they have tilled, the Achilles Heel of US imperialism.

Ever since the first slave ship sailed up to Jamestown exactly 400 years ago, Black African people have been struggling for their freedom from Anglo-American settler society. This struggle has always been among the foremost revolutionary struggles within the US. The most significant democratic advances in US history, those of the Civil War and Reconstruction and of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, were caused and won by the oppressed Afro-American nation and its struggle.

We salute and uphold the few heroic examples of settler-colonist revolutionaries, such as John Brown, who fought and died alongside them in this fight, where overwhelmingly they have fought alone. Following this example, and conscious of this history, every serious revolutionary in the US, regardless of national background, must unite with the Black revolutionaries who constitute a true vanguard of revolutionary struggle against the objective interests of the white supremacist settler-colonial state.

From the Indigenous who suffered horrific genocide at the hands of the same settlers who enslaved the people who became the Afro-American nation, to the exploited immigrant laborers who toil in similar precarious circumstances and whose homelands share a colonial subjugation to US imperialism “from without”, to the class-conscious settler proletarians and revolutionaries, a real revolutionary solidarity between all oppressed demands that we all stand with the oppressed Afro-American people in their national liberation struggle.

Without apology, without conditions, without caveats, we affirm that no real liberation can be secured for any single one of us if we cede even an inch to the exploiters and oppressors on the question of any one of our liberations. For those revolutionaries in the US who know the bloody history of genocide, subjugation, and oppression to which the Afro-American people have been subjected, anything less than a firm defense of their ongoing struggle for full liberation would be the most hypocritical betrayal of everything we claim to stand for.

Black Power!

Free the Land!

Let Us March On Till Victory is Won!

Workers and Oppressed Peoples of the World, Unite!

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