What is Struggle for a New World? As we write in our launch statement,

“Struggle for a New World is a new revolutionary communist intervention in U.S. politics. We are composed of members and sympathisers with various organizations and traditions who have come together around a common vision of theory and practice in the current conditions of the U.S. and the world. As an editorial collective, we seek to build a publication which will provide a theoretical framework for political and social developments across the U.S. and the world, drawing on our collective and personal experience and contacts with diverse social movements which constitute particular parts of the whole of the revolutionary struggle which we are committed to.

We take our name from a line of the Russian version of the Internationale, the hymn of the international working class. It reads, “Мы наш, мы новый мир построим, – Кто был ничем, тот станет всем,” which translates to “we’ll build our new world, he who was nothing will become everything.”

As revolutionaries in the U.S., we appropriate the heritage of diverse revolutionary movements and liberation struggles, which we symbolize with the persons included in our header.


Surrounding a hammer and sickle, the internationally recognized symbol of revolutionary communism, from left to right these persons are: John Brown, Assata Shakur, Michael Israel, Heather Heyer, Lolita Lebron, and Tecumseh.

John Brown, the heroic militant abolitionist who dared to give his life for the liberation of another people while the rest of the abolitionist movement simply talked, represents internationalism and true solidarity of the Yankee oppressor nation with the oppressed Afro-American people.

Assata Shakur, the heroic Afro-American national liberation fighter and communist, represents the heroic Afro-American people and their struggle, which has always been one of the most militant and revolutionary struggles within the borders of the U.S. state.

Michael Israel, the young struggler from California, a member of the IWW and the DSA who became an internationalist fighter in the ranks of the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, in Rojava and was martyred by a Turkish airstrike defending the Rojava Revolution from ISIS and its masters, represents proletarian internationalism between the working and oppressed peoples of the U.S. and the working and oppressed peoples of the rest of the world.

Heather Heyer, the young anti-fascist and worker martyred by fascist terror on August 12 2017 during Charlottesville, represents the anti-fascist struggle which is quickly becoming the order of the day in the U.S.

Lolita Lebron, the Puerto Rican national liberation fighter, represents the Puerto Rican people and their struggle for liberation from U.S. imperialism.

And Tecumseh, the Shawnee leader who envisioned the creation of a united front of Native Americans against colonial expansion, represents the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island and their struggle against colonialism and genocide that has been waged for over half a millenia.

Taken together, these persons represent not the totality of liberation struggle, but some of the most emblematic liberation struggles whose heritage we inherit and whose victory we fight to win. We recognize the existence of a multitude of struggles because we recognize that the struggle for socialism, though united around and finding unity in the struggle of the working class, is nothing if not a struggle against all forms of oppression and exploitation, which though grounded in class are expressed in a multitude of forms by a multitude of identities.

As a publication and as an editorial collective, we hope to serve as a guide to theory and practice that is itself guided by the creed of our movement:


Join us in the Struggle for a New World.